Wood Harvested

  • Grown and harvested in strict accordance with the principles of the FSC from in and around the Knysna forest.

The Forests

  • Comprising approximately 3 500 hectares outside Knysna and Sedgefield, the Geo Parkes & Sons forests are possibly the largest tracts of natural forests in private hands.

Parkes History

  • Geo Parkes & Sons is proud of our rich history in the South African timber industry and the town of Knysna.

Knysna Woods

Knysna Woods

The allure of wood is universal

It appeals to almost all the senses. It’s versatile, vibrant, functional and aesthetic. The woods of the Knysna Forest are extraordinary, enduring and exclusive.

Welcome to Geo Parkes & Sons

  • Supplying responsibly managed South African indigenous timbers directly to the trade, while conserving our forests for future generations.

    Geo Parkes & Sons (Pty) Ltd sells lumber harvested from indigenous trees directly to traders, contractors and furniture manufacturers.

    We trade in South African hardwoods and certain exotic species, planted in our natural forests many years ago to supplement the supply of overharvested indigenous hardwoods. Stinkwood, Yellowwood, White Pear, Hard Pear, Candlewood, Ironwood, Witels, Cape Holly, Kalander and Boekenhout - each variety has its own, unique character and grain patterns. And it is this unique beauty that has made legendary Knysna hardwood furniture famous the world over. Please contact us for further details on the full range of wood we have for sale.

    All Geo Parkes & Sons timber is responsibly grown and harvested in and around the Knysna forest, in accordance with the principles of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is an independent, international, non-profit organisation promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests. As one of only a few private owners of natural South African forests, we are proud custodians of one of South Africa’s most unique and precious resources – the wood found in the Knysna forests.

    At the heart of the South African indigenous timber industry for over 120 years, Geo Parkes & Sons is still managed by the descendants of George Parkes, the English entrepreneur who established the company in 1892. And, while many things may have changed since those early days, the essence of our business – run with passion, commitment and an intricate relationship with and respect for the unique, indigenous hardwoods of the Knysna forest, has not changed.

Discover the Legendary Knysna Timber Route

This beautifully scenic route will introduce you to the legendary Knysna forest and the
history of the Knysna timber industry.